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The revenue of the French recommerce used-auto site AramisAuto has increased by 60% on the year to the level of €700 million ($794 million U.S.) in FY18.

This is the revenue for the site’s operations in France, Belgium and Spain. In France alone, it recorded a revenue of €491 million ($560 million U.S.) last year. These results make the site the leading French online auto player in terms of revenues.

AramisAuto has a model of buying back used autos, overhauling them in selected factories, and then reselling them. It also sells new cars online, a market that is in its infancy in France. It operates as a mix of physical and digital car sales channels. It runs 45 physical points of sale located in three countries – with 30 points in France alone.

AramisAuto was launched in 2001 and acquired by the retail branch of car manufacturer PSA [EPA: UG]  in 2016. Aramisauto.com is 70 percent owned by PSA,  which is a manufacturer of Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Opel (we reported about the acquisition deal here). The site is active in both M&A and geographic expansion. It bought a Belgian car retail group Cardoen last year.

The French online and offline used-auto market is estimated at €30-35 billion, while the new-auto market – at €55 billion.