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Tokyo-based MyNavi Corp., which owns and operates multiple job-matching sites, has acquired leading Vietnamese IT-focused recruitment portal ITViec.com for an undisclosed sum. 

The Ho Chi Minh City-headquartered ITViec Joint Stock Company was founded in Jul. 2013. It had 34 employees as of Sept. 2018. The company has a capital of 100 million VND ($4,302 U.S.).

ITViec.com receives 1.2 million visitors per month. It currently lists more than 1,200 job offers for IT engineers.

MyNavi Corp. hopes to expand its geographical footprint through this latest acquisition. The company has 9,400 employees. It’s the second HR group to enter Vietnam’s online recruitment market through acquisition.

En-Japan Inc. acquired Navigos Group for $22 million U.S. in 2013. The group runs job-matching site VietnamWorks.com, a middle-level recruitment platform NavigosSearch and a jobs search engine for c-suite professionals called Primus.vn.

Recruit Holdings also made a strategic investment in a Vietnamese jobs site Anphabe.com back in 2013.

MyNavi Corp. runs a job-matching site to connect athletes with sports businesses at Athlete-Career.MyNavi.jp, a part-time jobs site Baito.MyNavi.jp and a career-change site at Tenshoku.MyNavi.jp. It also runs three industry-specific job sites: Pharma.MyNavi.jp for pharmacists, Kango.MyNavi.jp  for nursing staff and MyNavi-Seizo.jp for the manufacturing industry.

The company operates a temporary dispatch service at Staff.MyNavi.jp, a real estate platform at Chintai.MyNavi.jp, and a wedding site Wedding.MyNavi.jp.

Listings from most of the group’s job sites are now being indexed by Google for Jobs.