Recruitment vertical has become the first job board in Germany to use Google’s Cloud Talent Solution. The matching software connects to job boards, career sites or ATSs and shows job-seekers the most suitable job ads, based on their individual keyword searches.

Google Cloud Talent was launched in the U.S. in August 2018. Yourfirm started using the product in January, the company announced.

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When a company submits a job ad to, the content is now first modified and restructured according to Google’s requirements. Yourfirm then indexes the ad on Google.

Based on machine learning, the technology compares the new ad with predetermined data containing information on job titles, required skills and education. This helps the system understand the context of the listing and job-seekers’ queries. The software is also able to deal with spelling mistakes or specialist jargon.

Job-seekers will now see search results based on the broader context of their search, not just their keywords. 

“We are still at the beginning, but the results are optimized on a daily basis and the AI is learning with each search query,” CEO Konstantin Janusch explained. He added that the site would be adding new features — like searches based on traveling time — in the near future. is part of the Markt.Gruppe network and publishes job ads for positions at “hidden champions”. These are successful, smaller companies that are relatively unknown to the public and often struggle to receive enough applicants for their positions.

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