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Leading Middle East recruitment vertical Bayt.com has launched a new video assessment platform to streamline candidate screening.

Called “Evalufy”, the tool offers customizable, video-based assessments to reduce hiring times and costs.

The new platform dispatches assessments to a large number of candidates. These are auto-tracked and graded by multiple evaluators. Results are automatically plotted on a benchmark, based on the desired hiring criteria. Employers are presented with candidate “scorecards” to understand the potential of job-seekers.

“With limited recourses and time, employers are sometimes forced to make subpar hiring decisions, ultimately ending up with a talent mismatch,” business product director Muhammad Younas explained.

More than 40,000 companies currently use Bayt.com to access a database of more than 35 million CVs. Evalufy gives these companies the ability to quickly screen and select a hire based on competency-driven assessments.

Evalufy is also compatible with Bayt.com’s applicant tracking system Talentera, allowing companies to integrate their various talent acquisition and management systems and streamline all of their activities.