Schibsted Media Group has finally announced the name of its classifieds spin-off: Adevinta. The new company, which was provisionally called Marketplace International, will be listed on the Oslo stock exchange on April 10.

From what we’ve heard, it’s been hard for the group to pick a name and secure a trademark and internet domain for the new business.  The abstract name isn’t short for anything. In a press statement, Schibsted said Adevinta evokes ideas of new beginnings and advancement.

The company’s simple logo is inspired by the Greek letter Δ (delta) — a symbol of continuous change. It combines the ideas of progress and evolution. “The brand imagery is about pushing the boundaries of matchmaking. It plays with matchmaking as an exciting contact between two elements, showing the magic, fun, and excitement of new or unexpected connections.”

Adevinta will be made up of all Schibsted’s classifieds operations outside of Scandinavia. This translates to 16 digital marketplaces in 16 countries in Europe, Latin America, and North America.  It includes leading brands like LeBonCoin in France, InfoJobs in Spain, Subito in Italy, Jofogás in Hungary, and Segundamano in Mexico. The business has a collective digital footprint of 1.5 billion visits a month. It will be led by former Schibsted CEO Rolv-Erik Ryssdal (LinkedIn profile).

The new name was presented at an extraordinary general assembly of Schibsted’s board. 


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