The real-estate agent site McMakler is currently expanding to France. This is according to a report from the German magazine Immobilien Zeitung.

CEO Lukas Pieczonka with founders Felix Jahn and Hanno Heintzenberg. Photo: Courtesy of McMakler

“We started in Paris with four employees, including the managing director, and now we have already expanded the team to six people,” founder Hanno Heintzenberg told the publication. 

McMakler was founded in Berlin in 2015. It expanded to Austria in 2017. The start-up offers a combination of traditional and digitized real estate services to sellers, renters, and buyers. It currently has 550 employees, which includes 300 real estate agents from different regions.

The start-up claims to have managed real estate deals worth €400 million ($454 million U.S.) in 2018. It says it had an inventory of 1,600 residential properties in December 2018. Its competitors RealBest, Homeday, and Maklaro only had 559, 159 and 90.

McMakler’s last investment round was completed in 2017 when it received €16 million ($18 million U.S.) from Frog Capital, Piton Capital, Mutschler Ventures, and Cavalry Ventures.

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