, a recruitment platform that touts itself as LinkedIn for blue-collar folk, has announced a capital injection of $100 million U.S. from Providence Equity Partners.

With a portfolio worth more than $40 billion U.S., Providence focuses investments in the media, entertainment, communications and information sectors.

JobCase was founded by Boston-based hedge fund manager Fred Goff in 2015 and now employs 180 people. It plans to use the new investment to grow its user base — which now includes 25 million visitors per month, according to the company website.

Goff has said JobCase’s social mission is to help working-class people connect and support each other in finding work with humane employers to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

“Together, we should reward good employers with our consumer dollars and encourage boardrooms to remember —workers are every bit as important to success as stockholders,” he told the Boston Globe. “Together, we will bring balance back to capitalism and make it work for everyone.”

The company makes a major part of its revenue from employers using JobCase’s recruitment platform and advertising products. Goff told the Globe that companies that treat employees well will be eager for space on

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