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Ukranian recruitment vertical Work.au and Russian site Hh.ru have both added upgrades intended to improve the user experience of recruiters and job-seekers.

work.ua - phone verificationWork.ua is the No.1 job site in Ukraine. It’s added a new feature that asks job-seekers to confirm their telephone number, making it easier for recruiters to contact them. Candidates who’ve already done so will get a special icon on their profiles.

The vertical has also introduced a “favorite” tool, that lets job-seekers easily track down a listing they’re interested in when they come back to the site. The feature is intended to help users viewing the site from a smartphone. Work.au hopes it will encourage them to apply for more positions.

Leading Russian job site Hh.ru has introduced a new system to identify a candidate’s language proficiency.

It’s broken language skills down into six categories — A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 — based on the Common European Framework of Reference. The company said most European recruiters already use the framework in their recruitment processes.

Hh.ru has also introduced branded vacancy pages. These are more basic than traditional company pages and offer a more cost-effective way to highlight a business’ best features.

These pages can be edited and upgraded as many times as needed. They exclude ad banners. Vacancies posted through the vacancy page are also highlighted with a company logo.

With the help of branded vacancies, companies will be able to estimate the efficiency of branding with minimum costs and then continue using branding on a paid basis, if required.

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