Indian automobile marketplace Droom is planning to grow its product and technology teams by close to 500 new employees in 2019.  It intends to source these candidates from some of the country’s top business and engineering colleges.

BusinessWorld reports that the company’s expansion plan across AI, product, and technology will open up senior-level management positions as well as middle-level roles. Technology remains a key area of development and Droom is planning to hire engineers from the reputed Indian Institute of Technology.

“Droom is scripting a successful and unique growth story of its own and it always gives us great pleasure to onboard more individuals and make them a part of this story,” founder and CEO Sandeep Aggarwal said.

The company’s ECO Inspection service will also see an expansion, which further necessitates the hiring of new technicians or what Droom calls “ECO Ninjas.” The ECO-certified technicians visit customers, inspect their vehicle and then certify it. The service will be scaled aggressively to meet the company’s target of more than 1, 000 inspections a day.

Droom has already listed multiple jobs on the website’s career section. Most roles are solely for graduates from top-tier business schools and technological institutes. Equity of 0.01 – 0.25 percent is on offer for top-level management positions.

The company has also earmarked funds for expansion into foreign markets; mostly Southeast Asian. It raised a total of $60 million in Series D and Series E funding rounds and signed an MoU with Japan-based Toyota Tsusho Corporation last year.

After an eventful 2018, the company is targeting a GMV of $3.5 billion by the end of 2019, followed by an IPO.

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