Leverages Inc., an HR services provider with multiple job sites, has rolled out a new nursing career-change support site by the name of Misete (at Kango-Oshigoto.jp/Misete). 

The new niche vertical aims to increase applicants and reduce mismatches.

The site is operated under the umbrella of the company’s Leverages Medical Care Inc. subsidiary which was set up late last year to expand its caregiver staffing and dispatching business. Its other nursing industry-specific job-matching sites include Kango-Oshigoto.jp/Feature/Haken (for dispatch workers), a nursing jobs search engine at Kango-Oshigoto.jp and a career-change site for caregivers at Job.KiraCare.jp.

Tokyo-based Leverages has been serving the medical and nursing care industries since 2009. More than 250,000 nurses and caregivers and 14,000 medical institutions and nursing homes are currently registered with the company.

Founded in 2005, Leverages operates multiple recruitment sites, including a freelance jobs site for IT/web engineers at Freelance.LevTech.jp, a career-change support service for engineers at Career.LevTech.jp, and a job-matching site for web designers at Creator.LevTech.jp.

There’s a job-hunting site for students studying IT at Career.LevTech.jp/Rookie, an employment support service for inexperienced candidates at Career.LevTech.jp/Beginner, a job-matching site for c-suite engineers at Career.LevTech.jp/Expert and temporary jobs site HatarActive.jp. Together, they have more than 78,000 registered members.

Leverages also operates an apparel industry-focused job site Fassione.com and a job site for graduates at CareerTicket.jp. The company has more than 20 offices in Japan and abroad, including offices in Singapore and Mexico.

Online jobs marketer MyNavi Corp. also runs job sites for nursing staff at Kango.MyNavi.jp and for pharmacists at Pharma.MyNavi.jpRelax-Job.com/Kaigo is another job site dedicated to the nursing care industry.

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