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Info Edge India has appointed Pawan Goyal as the new chief business officer of its leading recruitment vertical Naukri.com. The company hasn’t made an official announcement, but Goyal’s LinkedIn profile says he started his new job in February.

His most recent position was a general manager for Adobe Systems. Goyal’s more than 22 years of experience includes working for AT&T, IBM, and Microsoft. At Adobe, he shouldered the Print, Scan, and TechComm businesses, which, in his own words, “accounted for more than $100 million in revenue.”

Pawan Goyal

Goyal comes with top-grade expertise in cloud computing technology, as reflected in some of the papers he has authored and ideas he has patented. He is an alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology and has a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Texas.

Naukri.com has seen a few top-level leadership changes since last year. Amardeep Vishwakarma, who was the VP of Engineering, jumped ship to a rival recruitment vertical Shine.com in July while chief sales officer Suresh V left in December. Vishwakarma, who’s now a chief technology officer, has since emerged as the driving force behind Shine.com’s resurgence.

Naukri.com currently holds undisputed dominance over the Indian recruitment classifieds industry, with Indeed India and Shine.com as its closest rivals. From Info Edge India’s standpoint, Naukri.com has been the cash cow that the rest of its real estate and matrimonial verticals could only aspire to be.

As the new chief business officer entrusted with managing profits and losses, Goyal would want to keep that status intact.