Kariyer.net is Turkey’s leading recruitment platform but it was skewed mostly towards higher-end workers who had the time to fill in a detailed application and create a spiffy resume.

As a result, the site was almost entirely missing the lower end, blue-collar market which constitutes a big chunk of Turkey’s 12 percent unemployment rate.

So the company launched Isun Olsun, an entirely separate product for blue collar workers. The main differences from Kariyer.net for job-seekers: no CVs required, you can fill in your application in under a minute, and jobs are matched (and awarded) fast. Listing are free for employers.

So how will Isun Olsun make money? “This would be more relevant if we were a standalone app,” CEO Fatih Uysal joked. “But it’s part of Kariyer.net, so direct monetization is not our immediate concern.”

Fatih Uysal

That said, sponsored and boosted jobs will probably be coming at some point. And big employers who need blue collar workers will find Kariyer.net’s ATS a must for managing the deluge of applications.

Isun Olsun is the #1 app on the Apple app store in Turkey and #2 (after Kariyer.net) on the Google Play store.

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