The U.K.’s leading auto site, Auto Trader PLC predicts that sales of electric and hybrid vehicles in the U.K. will be higher than sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030.

The Auto Trader Market Report suggests that 2018 may be the turning point for U.K. consumers coming round to the idea of electric vehicles. It found 71 percent of consumers now say they are considering buying an electric vehicle as their next car — almost three times as many as those that said they would in 2017.

Of U.K. car owners who don’t currently have an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV), 50 percent expect to own their first one in the next three years. Auto Trader expects that AFVs will form 16 percent of all cars on the U.K.’s roads and that they will fall in price to reach the same price as petrol and diesel cars by 2025.

The report emphasized the importance of this point because higher up-front costs are the main reason that three in ten consumers said they weren’t considering buying an electric vehicle yet.

The other important barrier to stopping the transition is the lack of charging infrastructure, with 56 percent of consumers claiming this was a reason not to change.

“Whilst battery technology is extending ranges dramatically before consumers take the plunge on a new EV, they need to know they can charge it,” spokesperson Nathan Coe said.

Auto Trader’s bi-annual report uses its own consumer research, search and pricing data. It found searches for AFVs went up by 40 percent in 2018 when compared to 2017 and by 130 percent compared to 2016.

Data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows a 26.9 percent rise in AFV sales for the used car market.


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