Don’t be afraid of Google, says Michael Woodrow, the president of Aspen Technology Labs. Woodrow, whose company scrapes job sites for its corporate clients, shared his take on the entry of Google into the recruitment classified space.

“I’m super bullish on Google,” Woodrow (LinkedIn profile) said. “I don’t think they’re like Indeed” in that they might at some point cut out the job boards and approach employers directly, as Indeed so famously did. “I know some of [Google’s] senior people and they really care about search experience. So, if your jobs aren’t on Google yet, talk to your developer tomorrow.”

Mike Woodrow

Woodrow also shared a story that suggested that Google might not know its own jobs strategy – or at least isn’t publishing it internally. Woodrow said that he has a friend working at Google outside of the U.S. “He had no idea when Google for Jobs was coming to his country.”

Nor has Google given Indeed a run for its money…at least not yet. Woodrow showed a chart during his presentation at the AIM Group’s RecPlus conference in Barcelona plotting Indeed’s traffic against Google’s. Indeed is far ahead of Google.

“People often ask, why did Google give so much status to Indeed?” Woodrow reflected. “It’s because they were doing such a great job of organizing listings. Now Google is. So, give your jobs to Google, too.”

While they haven’t said anything in public, Indeed is certainly feeling some heat. “They’re spending a ton of money advertising to hold their status,” Woodrow said.

Other companies Woodrow has his eye on include ZipRecruiter — which is now in the U.S and the U.K., just expanded to Canada and is heading to Germany later this year — and Amazon.

How is Amazon in the jobs business? Through its AWS service which hosts much of infrastructure powering the web. Amazon recently launched AWS Educate, a job board for developers with AWS experience. “Ingenious,” Woodrow said.

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