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Japanese tech-focused staffing firm En-Japan Inc. — which operates multiple job sites — has acquired web and application design firm Owls Inc. for an undisclosed sum, to help its clients improve their online presence.

Tokyo-based Owls has been operating since Feb. 2017. The company is now a subsidiary of En-Japan.

The group said it’s receiving requests from companies for planning and production of creative tools, like hiring websites and recruitment pamphlets aimed at attracting job-seekers. The acquisition will help En-Japan quickly respond to these needs.

The group owns and operates more than 10 job-matching sites and recruitment tools. These include WomanMart.jpWomen.En-Japan.comEmployment.En-Japan.com/WomanEn-Ambi.comEmployment.En-Japan.comMid-Tenshoku.comHaken.En-Japan.comHb.En-Japan.com, and CareerHack.En-Japan.com.

En-Japan also owns Vietnamese staffing firm Navigos Group, which operates jobs sites VietnamWorks.com and Primus.vn.