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Staffing firm Persol Career Inc. has launched a new recruitment service at Ix-Tenshoku.jp to help high-end candidates further develop their careers.

Unlike other job boards that act as a search engine, Ix-Tenshoku encourages job-seekers to submit their personal profile and career history to receive job offers from recruiters and companies.  The site provides various job options, including regular, part-time and contract work.

Tokyo-headquartered Persol Career is owned by Persol Holdings Limited (TSE: 2181). The group maintains a rich portfolio of job-matching services. WebAn.jp and Baito.Line.me are for part-timers. Eiicon.net connects business partners. Doda.jp is a career-change information portal. Doda.jp/Challenge is for job-seekers with disabilities.

There’s a job site for c-suites at Persol-Career.co.jp/Biz/Executive, a bilingual job site at Brs-P.jp, and a job site dedicated to the fashion industry at Crede.co.jp. The company also operates a sports job site at Doda.jp/SportLight, job-hunting services for students at Campus.Doda.jp and Doda-Student.jp, and an IT jobs site at TechPlay Career. It runs a temporary jobs site for IT and manufacturing engineers at PersolTechnology, and referral adoption services at I-MyRefer.jp.

Ix-Tenshoku.jp is a unique service that distinguishes Persol Career from its rivals like Recruit HoldingsEn-Japan Inc.Interworks Inc.MyNavi Corp.DIP Corp., and CareerIndex.jp.