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Tokyo-based video tech sharing service Adoir Inc. has launched a recruitment vertical called Vook Jobs to connect video creators with movie production houses and other businesses.

Founded in Jan. 2012, Adoir has more than 120,000 registered users. It has been running a video-sharing service at Vook.vc since 2016.

Employers can post job information on Vook Jobs at a monthly subscription fee of Y100,000 ($895 U.S.). The site also offers an educational package for an annual fee of Y19,980 ($179 U.S.). Users can subscribe to learn new video production and software skills.

Industry-specific job-matching sites are commonplace in Japan. Some of them include Job.Cosp.jp for cosplayers, T-Cheer.jp for teachers, Affiliencer for influencers, Sumaistar.com/Shokai for real estate staffs, and Keiri-Navi.WorkPort.co.jp for accounting and finance professionals.