, the No.1 Japanese property marketplace (in terms of traffic), has entered into a collaboration agreement with the country’s largest renovation firm search engine HomePro (ホームプロ). It will now list 900 remodeling companies on its “remodel” sub-domain.

Suumo also carries reviews of some of these companies. Customers can seek consultation free of charge via the site or telephone. An advisor will then introduce the customer to renovators and facilitate field surveys.

HomePro is a joint-venture between Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone and Recruit Holdings.

Recruit Holdings launched Suumo (an acronym for “support, useful, unique, most”) in 2009. The site lists properties for sale and rent. saw 22.1 million visitors on its desktop and mobile sites in Feb., according to SimilarWeb. Competitor saw 17.7 million while saw 11.6 million visitors during the same month.

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