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Chinese used and new book marketplace Kongfz.com has announced it will increase its commission on transactions from 4 to 5 percent. The increase will help further the overall development of the site, the announcement added.

Kongfz.com has more than 20 million registered users, company founder Sun Yutian 孙雨天 recently confirmed. Sun also confirmed that 75 percent of books transacted through Kongfz.com are used. The site has been increasing the proportion of new books sold over the past few years, he added.

A top 10,000 website in the world, in terms of monthly traffic according to Alexa, Kongfz.com has more than 40,000 bookstores and book-sellers selling more than 70 million different books. It’s available through its website, app, and mini-program on WeChat.

The company hired ten new staff members for its app team in 2018. More than 60 percent of orders are now made from a mobile.

A number of new c-to-b-to-c used book start-ups are also focused on mobile users.

DuoZhuaYu (AKA, Deja Vu) was the first platform to move into a c-to-b-to-c model in China, in mid-2017. In June, DuoZhuaYu announced it had secured the backing of one of China’s most sought-after investors: tech heavyweight Tencent. Insiders close to the company told tech site 36kr.com that the funding round valued the company at $100 million U.S.

58.com-backed used goods site Zhuan Zhuan launched its own dedicated c-to-b-to-c used books site in December. Zhuan Zhuan is a formidable presence, with more than 10 million sellers, 200 million users, and 50 million MAUs, according to CEO Huang Wei.