Programmatic ad vendor Recruitology has teamed up with iPublish Media Solutions to make it easier for employers to post job ads to Facebook. It’s already signed some big names as clients, including Tribune Publishing Company.

The new product comes with a mouthful-of-a-name: Facebook Passive Audience Campaign. It converts listings distributed via Recruitology’s MaxRecruit product to Facebook ads. IPublish — which mainly develops self-serve advertising software — is adding the profiling smarts so that the ad reaches the right candidates in the relevant geographic area.

Recruitology says this collaboration “allows a seamless upsell for recruiters to reach passive candidates via Facebook,” although honestly, that’s just a fancy way of saying it uses Facebook’s Ad Manager.

When Facebook opened up its jobs functionality to third parties in 2017, Recruitology was one of the launch partners. What seems to be news is that now jobs will be turned into standard Facebook ads, not necessarily distributed through Facebook’s separate jobs functionality.

That also explains why Recruitology is emphasizing this new product as a passive job-seeker campaign tool. It aims to find ordinary Facebook users who haven’t expressed an interest in changing jobs and aren’t visiting a recruiter’s Facebook page.

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