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Madrid-based Homming.com is a software-as-a-service (Saas) company that digitizes the rental process for both landlords and tenants. The start-up allows landlords to manage rental documents and billing online. Tenants use the portal to securely pay rent and bills.

Co-founders Javier Marti Rizo (LinkedIn profile) and Jorge Montero Marin (LinkedIn profile) launched Homming in October 2018. They told El Espanol newspaper that their aim is to centralize all the necessary information and forms to optimize the rental process.

In addition to secure payments and document management, it offers an integral communication channel to connect landlords and tenants, information on bills, rental income summaries, and more.

The site operates on a subscription model. Owners or landlords pay €14.95 per property per month ($16.90 U.S.) for up to five properties. The rate drops to €12.95/property/month for properties six to ten, and to €10.95/property/month for 11 or more.

Homming has more than 60 properties on its books already, and it is promoting its service via video tutorials to potential clients. The company is seeking financing in the coming months, according to its founders.

If Homming takes off, it has the potential to provide a useful complementary service to rental classifieds such as Idealista.com or Fotocasa.es, as well as holiday sites like Rentalia.com. With time and consumer education, it might even increase the availability of rental properties by making it easier for owners to rent untenanted homes.