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South African low-cost automated recruitment site Giraffe has launched automated voice screening to help its clients further speed up the recruitment process.

“The new automated voice screening feature provides an additional layer of screening to help employers shortlist candidates more accurately,” the company said in a statement. Candidates who qualify for a position will receive an SMS inviting them to take a voice assessment. Giraffe then calls the candidate to record a voice clip, which it sends to the client’s dashboard.

Job-seekers benefit by being able to effectively participate in the first round of interviews without leaving their home. “Usually candidates would need to pay for their own transport for the first round screening interview — which they often cannot afford
to do,” Giraffe spokesperson Siobhan Zurnamer explains. The voice screening feature is offered to job-seekers free of charge.

Founded in February 2015, Giraffe uses artificial intelligence-powered algorithms to enable businesses to hire large volumes of candidates.  It focuses on low- to medium-skilled candidates with the aim of addressing South Africa’s huge unemployment numbers.

The company bagged its first funding in April 2016 as the winner of the Seedstars World Summit in Switzerland; bringing home $500,000 U.S.  This was swiftly followed by an undisclosed investment from Silicon Valley-based Omidyar Network — the venture capital firm set up by EBay founder Pierre Omidyar. The money funded Giraffe’s expansion from its base in Johannesburg to the rest of the country.



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