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Healthcare jobs start-up CareStyle.jp has introduced major reforms to its site, just 18 months after its launch, to increase its user base.

It’s introduced a messaging tool which means job-seekers no longer need to wait for recruiters to contact them. They can now apply for jobs and contact employers directly. The site will also now suggest vacancies based on a user’s browsing history and applications.

IT firm Infocom Corporation (TSE: 4348) officially launched the job-matching site for the nursing care industry in Oct. last year. The company said its registered users have steadily increased since then.

Candidates can use the site for free. Employers can list for free but are charged a commission fee of up to 300,000 yen ($2,665 U.S.) for every successful appointment.

HR firm Leverages Inc. has a rich portfolio of healtchcare related job sites. It has a nursing dispatch jobs site at Kango-Oshigoto.jp/Feature/Haken, a career-change site for nurses at Kango-Oshigoto.jp, a dispatch jobs site for caregivers at Job.KiraCare.jp/Haken and a career-change site for caregivers at Job.KiraCare.jp. Relax-Job.com/Kaigo is another job site dedicated to the nursing care industry.