Recruitment app turned digital blue-collar employment agency has more than doubled its annual turnover. The company had gross revenues of €136 million ($154.4 million U.S.) in 2018 versus €49 million ($55.6 million U.S.) in 2017.

Juan Urdiales

Co-founder and co-CEO Juan Urdiales shared these figures in an interview with Economia Digital. Urdiales also said that JobAndTalent is now profitable in five of its six territories: Spain, Colombia, the U.K., Mexico, and Germany. It is still working to achieve profitability in Sweden, where it launched recently. It is slated to enter France in 2019.

JobAndTalent has undergone a series of pivots since Urdiales founded the site with Felipe Navio in 2009. Initially an algorithm-driven recruitment site with a focus on graduate jobs, it morphed into a blue-collar app, before finally shifting to its current transactional model where the site acts as a digital temp agency.

The company has raised just more than $100 million (CrunchBase figures). Its largest single round was worth $42 million and led by venture capital firm Atomico in June 2016. It raised $10 million from Associated Ventures Corp. in June 2018.

Urdiales told Economia Digital that the company may start paying investors in 2019, depending on how expansion goes. He said it would definitely pay dividends in 2020.




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