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Japanese part-time jobs aggregator Arbeit.Nifty.com has started posting average hourly salaries on its iOS app to help job-seekers decide where they want to work.

Users can enter a city or station and find out the average hourly market wage for the area. The feature is not yet available on the site’s Android app or desktop site.

Arbeit.Nifty lists more than 1 million jobs aggregated from 12 part-time job sites. It is owned by web media start-up Nifty Lifestyle Inc. Founded in Feb. last year, the Tokyo-headquartered company also runs a temp jobs aggregator Job.Nifty.com and a property aggregator MyHome.Nifty.com.

Career site CareerIndex.jp  has also introduced an income assessment service to help job-seekers predetermine the monetary benefits of switching careers.

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