LinkedIn is having a busy year. On top of the company’s Intelligent Hiring Experience, which combines its recruiter tools LinkedIn Jobs, LinkedIn Recruiter and Pipeline Builder (see our report here), LinkedIn is now rolling out some new features for job-seekers.

LinkedIn’s new mobile push alert does what you’d expect: it sends you a message when a job matches criteria you’ve already entered. It’s for members who’ve indicated they’re actively looking for a new role (you have to tick a box in the career interests dashboard) so you shouldn’t be getting random new job alerts while you’re sitting in a meeting with your current boss.

A Job Title Highlights tool will give job-seekers a quick peek at the top skills people working at a similar job have, as well as which companies are looking for those skills. To see these insights, the job-seeker must first search for a specific job title on LinkedIn.

Last, but not least, LinkedIn Learning courses will now appear when you search for certain jobs, letting job-seekers know whether a bit of LinkedIn training can get them up to speed for their dream job.

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