Housfy.com, a Spanish property start-up modeled on PurpleBricks.co.uk, has launched a home renovations business. The company will manage the bidding, contracting and delivery of remodeling services. Housfy Real Estate SL

Real estate news site EjePrime reported that Housfy will initially offer this service in its main markets of Barcelona and Madrid, with plans to expand to smaller regional cities — including Bilbao, Seville, and Valencia — by the second half of 2019.

Describing the service, the company says it will arrange for two contracting firms to assess the property and submit bids. Once the property owners choose a contractor, Housfy will finance the work in full or part; or have it financed through the mortgage. A company assessor will oversee the project to completion.

Housfy sold more than 1,000 homes in 2018, financing 200 of them. Its target is to complete 150 remodels in 2019.

The site was founded by Albert Boschin 2017 and expanded to Italy in December 2018. It will open in two more European markets in 2019.


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