The Volkswagen and Audi dealer association (VAPV) has entered into a cooperation agreement with, online car magazine KFZ-Betrieb reports.

According to the article, Volkswagen and Audi dealerships will benefit from special conditions when using For the next five years, they’ll be able to publish car ads for a limited time for free. belongs to the German guarantee provider GGG and was launched in early 2018. In a press statement at the time, the company said its mission was to provide fair and affordable pricing for dealers. Their interests are represented by an elected dealership advisory board.

The site also signed a co-operation agreement with Kia and Mitsubishi dealerships in November.

The cooperation agreement with VAPV comes as a surprise since Volkswagen owns its own used car platform HeyCar. The site was launched in 2017 to challenge the hegemony of German market leaders and AutoScout24.

“We are convinced that there is scope for further competition,” VAPV CEO Alexander Sauer-Wagner told KFZ-Betrieb. “HeyCar was our first approach to support competition in the online marketplace field and we will continue to stick with it. However, there is an additional offer now.”

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