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Russian recruitment verticals HeadHunter and SuperJob have both introduced updates to their site. These include smart search, unlimited listing updates, and the integration of API Spark.

HeadHunter is the country’s No.1 job site. It now analyzes user behaviour to determine which candidates are actively looking for work. Previously, users who’d recently updated their profile would appear higher in recruiters’ search results. Since many job-seekers don’t update their resume until they’ve found a job they’d like to apply for, HeadHunter decided to look at what they do on the site too. The company says there are statistically nine times more active job-seekers using its vertical than updated profiles.

HeadHunter’s new algorithm also takes a candidate’s location, and whether they’d be willing to move or commute, into account. Job-seekers are asked to fill in a “desirable commuting time” when they update their profile.

The company has also changed its listing conditions. Ads can now be updated as many times as necessary and recruiters can choose to publish when more job-seekers are online.

To automate risk estimation, improve data quality from recruiting companies, and facilitate the process of data collection, HeadHunter has started using the Spark API. The SaaS helps businesses process big data in real time and verify companies.

This comes as rival recruitment vertical SuperJobs announced its improved its Google snippet so listings will show up in results when users search for “vacancies nearby”.



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