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TechPlay.jp will showcase career-enhancement and capacity building opportunities for data scientists after its parent company Persol Holdings Limited terminates its online learning program DataShip. Persol Holdings announced the shutdown earlier this month.

TechPlay operates a sub-domain to list job opportunities for IT and web engineers at TechPlay.jp/Career — which was launched in July last year. The site will continue to provide recruitment support and branding services to corporate users. It also provides career-improvement information to individuals.

Tokyo-headquartered Persol Holdings owns job sites for part-timers at WebAn.jp and at Baito.Line.me, a bilingual job site at Brs-P.jp, a job site dedicated to the fashion industry at Crede.co.jp, a temporary jobs site for IT and manufacturing engineers at PersolTechnology, and a referral adoption services at I-MyRefer.jp. There’s also a job site for c-suites at Persol-Career.co.jp/Biz/ExecutiveIx-Tenshoku.jp to help high-end candidates further develop their careers, Eiicon.net to connect business partners, a career-change site at Doda.jp, a job site for people with disabilities at Doda.jp/Challenge, job-hunting services for students at Campus.Doda.jp and at Doda-Student.jp, and a recruitment support service at Doda.jp/Consultant.

Other Japanese jobs sites’ operators — like Human Resocia Inc. (DaiJob), Adecco.co.jp and Interworks Inc. —  also offer career support programs to meet the massive manpower shortages in the local IT and engineering sectors.