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Business card management app Wantedly People will now present the latest information available about a person when a user scans and uploads their business card. This follows the latest updates to the iOS and Android versions of the app.

The free app can convert up to 10 physical business cards to digital versions at a time, by using artificial intelligence technology. When a card is scanned, the app now shows a profile, greetings and updated information pertaining to the business partner.

The update also includes a more convenient scanning procedure, reducing the number of taps required to confirm the scanned information by half.

Introduced by Japanese social recruiting site Wantedly in Nov. 2016, Wantedly People has netted three million users and digitized more than 100 million cards, as of March 2019. Tokyo-based Wantedly has been running its simple notification service since 2012. It’s also available in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Germany.

The app’s competitors include Career.Line.me, a referral adoption service I-MyRefer.jp and CashU.jp.

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