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Incruit.com — the No. 2 jobs site in South Korea, in terms of traffic — has opened its salary information bulletin to job-seekers, making it free-of-charge for all visitors.

The salary section provides salary information about companies that use the Incruit.com for recruitment. The page currently contains remuneration details for all of the country’s major corporations. It also disseminates salary negotiation tips and settlement stories. The marketplace ranks its top 10 employers, based on pay scales.

Seoul-based Incruit Corp. launched Incruit.com in 1998. The site has 8.5 million individual members and one million corporate members. It offers pay-per-view ads for recruitment and various other advertising products for mobile and desktop users. Incruit also operates a part-time recruitment site Albacall.Incruit.com and an interview scheduler called Albacallapp.

The No. 1 job-matching site JobKorea.co.kr saw 2.8 million visitors in March, according to SimilarWeb. Incruit.com saw 1.7 million visitors during the last month followed by Kr.Indeed.com (800,000), Wanted.co.kr (250,000) and KreditJob.com (190,000).