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Job Korea Corp., the operator of the No. 1 jobs site in South Korea JobKorea.co.kr, has been selected as the top job placement portal in the Korea Brand Power Index for the 13th consecutive year.

Founded in 1998, Seoul-based JobKorea Inc. also runs a part-time job site at Albamon.com, a job-matching site focused on the gaming industry at GameJob.co.kr and a career bulletin for college students at Campusmon.JobKorea.co.kr. The company is also engaged in various offline employment support projects.

Korea Management Association (한국능률협회) chose JobKorea as the top brand in the recruitment category based on survey findings that included face-to-face interviews with 225 focus groups of 12,000 consumers across seven cities.

JobKorea.co.kr saw 2.8 million visitors in March, according to SimilarWeb. Incruit.com saw 1.7 million visitors during the same month, followed by Kr.Indeed.com (800,000), Wanted.co.kr (250,000) and KreditJob.com (190,000). Another recently-introduced jobs site is ScoutChain.io. The site leverages blockchain technology to connect job-seekers and cut out middlemen.