Japanese bilingual crowdsourcing site WorkShift-Sol.com has launched work management support service to help companies benefit from its more than 100,000 registered freelancers from 210 countries.

WorkShift-Sol.com is owned and operated by Tokyo-based Work Shift Solutions Inc. The company was founded in September 2013. With 176 registered skills in 213 countries and territories, the gig marketplace gives Japanese companies access to freelancers from across the world.

Around 20 percent of its registered users speak the Japanese language. It recruits workers for translation or interpretation, research, sales and marketing, writing, design, programming and web design.

The site facilitates online matching, work management, and payments. The new work management support service will provide screening and talent acquisition services.

WorkShift’s main rivals in Japan include Lancers Inc.CrowdWorks.jpLevtech, and Coconala.

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