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Suumo.jp, the No.1 Japanese property marketplace — in terms of traffic — has implemented VR technology to help home-buyers take virtual tours of condominiums under construction and make online reservations for future visits.

Suumo.jp, which is owned by Recruit Holdingspioneered virtual reality property listings ahead of its competitors: Homes.co.jpAthome.co.jpRealEstate.co.jp, and Nomu.com. Suumo.jp launched in 2009.

Buyers can use the new system to check the prices of new apartments along with other up-to-date information. The tool is designed to help shoppers save time.

Suumo.jp saw 23 million visitors in March, according to SimilarWeb. Homes.co.jp saw 18.1 million visitors during the same month, followed by Athome.co.jp with 10.7 million visitors, Nomu.com with 1.3 million visitors and RealEstate.co.jp with 390,000.