The Japanese career-change site for caregivers — which is owned by HR firm Leverages Inc. — has established its first branch office in Osaka to expand sales and support services in the region.

Up until recently, Leverages could only help’s clients from its headquarters in Tokyo. Founded in 2015, the industry-specific recruitment site has facilitated more than 6,000 hires so far. The demand and supply gap for care workers in Osaka is the second-widest after Tokyo. Nationwide, the shortfall is estimated at more than 375,000 people.

Leverages set up a special vehicle called Leverages Medical Care to run, a dispatch jobs site for caregivers at, a nursing dispatch jobs site at, and a career-change site for nurses at

Established in 2005, Leverages has more than 20 offices in Japan and abroad, including offices in Singapore and Mexico. The group also owns a job-matching site for graduates at, a job-hunting site for students studying IT at, employment support service for inexperienced candidates at, a freelance jobs site for IT/web engineers at, a temporary jobs site at, a career-change support service for engineers at, a job-matching site for web designers at, a job-matching site for c-suite engineers at and a fashion industry-focused job site at

Job.KiraCare competes directly with,, and

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