Swiss media group Tamedia and insurance firm AXA have teamed up to launch an auto vertical for used cars, Tamedia announced today.

The site, at, targets private users who want to buy a used vehicle, but don’t have extensive knowledge about cars. The vertical provides an integrated tool that rates vehicles based on their price. Tamedia explained that its algorithm uses a database of 10 years worth of Swiss car sales to determine a rating. This means it can’t be influenced by sellers.

“We want to present our users with transparent and fair offers from credible providers, and thereby position ourselves as a trustworthy partner,” CEO Ivo Streiff said.

Car dealers who want to list their vehicles on are charged a subscription of CHF 300 ($294 U.S.) per year. AutoRicardo customers will be able to use the site for free during its first year. It’s not open to private sellers yet, but the site says this will follow in the future.

CarForYou currently lists 43,030 cars from various manufacturers. It plans to add a category for new vehicles eventually.

Tamedia specifically pointed out that the vertical’s 360° external and internal view functionality is capable of increasing the quality of leads and sales probability by 50 percent. “Users, therefore, enjoy a completely new search experience — as though they were viewing the vehicle in person,” Streiff explained. Sellers have to pay CHF990 ($970 U.S.) per year for this functionality.

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