TeraTail.com, a tech career bulletin owned and operated by Japanese staffing firm Leverages Inc.now lets employers create exclusive pages on its site to build an employer brand and interact with potential employees. 

Launched in July 2014, TeraTail is a problem-solving site where experts from the IT and engineering fields get together to tackle complicated subjects and support each other. The site sees more than 5 million monthly page views and more than 20,000 monthly posts. Around 1.5 million IT engineers use the site.

The new function allows companies to strengthen their human capital and jointly develop technology solutions.

Founded in 2005, Leverages operates a freelance jobs site for IT/web engineers at Freelance.LevTech.jp, a temporary jobs site at HatarActive.jp, a career-change support service for engineers at Career.LevTech.jp, a job-matching site for web designers at Creator.LevTech.jp, a job-matching site for c-suite engineers at Career.LevTech.jp/Expert, a career-switch site for nursing staff at Kango-Oshigoto.jp, and a fashion industry-focused job site at Fassione.com. The company’s start-up projects include a job-matching site for graduates at CareerTicket.jp, a job-hunting site for students studying IT at Career.LevTech.jp/Rookie, and employment support service for inexperienced candidates at Career.LevTech.jp/Beginner. All three sites were launched in 2017.

Leverages has more than 20 offices in Japan and abroad, including offices in Singapore and Mexico.

Social recruiting platforms, WantedlyI-MyRefer.jpCashU.jp, Career.Line.me and Digrow.jp also help their users receive advice from senior workers and interact with companies. Tech jobs start-up Joins-Job.com created a subdomain to help employees share their personal work experiences with job-seekers.

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