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Suke-Dachi, a job app that connects construction industry workers with contractors, has introduced a premium service for employers who want to conclude the hiring process faster. 

Offered at a monthly fee of ¥1,980 ($18 U.S.), the premium feature guarantees more applications. Employers can also search the site’s candidate database using filters like age, experience and social insurance.

Suke-Dachi is owned and operated by Tokyo-based SukeDachi Inc. Established in Mar. 2017, Sukedachi has raised a total of ¥50 million ($455,000 U.S.). The app has been installed more than 60,000 times.

Recruitment company DIP Corp. launched a career management bulletin called Hakken for the construction and architecture industry last year. The bulletin is linked to DIP’s regular recruitment vertical BaitoruNext and construction industry information portal Genba-Go.jp.

There is a growing trend towards industry-focused job sites in Japan to meet the shortage of talent. Keiri-Navi.WorkPort.co.jp, for example, lists accounting and finance positions. Job.Cosp.jp serves the local cosplay community while T-Cheer.jp is designed for teachers, Affiliencer for influencers and Sumaistar.com/Shokai for real estate staff.