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Prop-tech company Itandi, which is owned by property marketplace operator Ga Technologies, has appointed Chiaki Aoki as its new CEO. He’s been tasked with driving growth.

Chiaki Aoki

Aoki has a track record of developing corporate products. He joined Itandi as a sales manager in May 2017. Aoki has worked with various companies and also has experience of running a used-clothes marketplace.

Tokyo-based Ga Tech acquired Itandi in a share-swap deal worth 1.9 billion yen ($16.6 million U.S.) in Nov. last year. Itandi runs a real estate leasing CRM called NomadCloud, a CRM for property buying and selling called SaleNomadCloud and Bukkakun.com, a system that responds to vacancy confirmation.

Ga Tech also owns and operates second-hand property trading site Renosy.com, a real estate investor-focused app Renosy Insight and a property crowdfunding platform.