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Fresh off publicly renewing its commitment to localization in China, LinkedIn China has announced a strategic partnership with “China’s answer to Netflix,” Iqiyi.com.

Iqiyi’s newly-launched learning app — “The Iqiyi Knowledge App” — will reportedly provide a platform for LinkedIn’s professional learning content, which the company has established as a key facet of its localization in the China market. LinkedIn will provide video content on global and local professional learning, and interviews with global business key opinion leaders.

The Iqiyi Knowledge App is a strategic paid content marketing initiative covering ten major subjects, including literature and history, art, life, parents and children, and workplace. It also covers four major categories of exam-oriented training with more than 12,000 courses, including primary and secondary schools, colleges, vocational studies, and foreign languages.

“LinkedIn hopes to build a learning marketplace by partnering with [Iqiyi.com], one of China’s high-quality professional learning content and service providers, to expand Chinese-language content offering. The company strives to help Chinese professionals enhance their skill set and be able to elevate on their career journey,” president Jian Lu said.

LinkedIn partnered with China Broadband Capital and Sequoia China to launch LinkedIn China in 2014. The joint-venture allowed the social network to operate legitimately on the notoriously insular Chinese internet. It’s grown to around 41 million users in four years.

Iqiyi.com raised around $2.3 billion U.S. in an IPO in March.