Temp app Wakrak.jp has partnered with Nagoya-based Internet firm AteAm Inc. to meet the labor demands of its movers and packers service Hikkoshizamurai.jp

Founded in June 2017, Wakrak is available on iOS and Android devices. The app lists daily jobs for students, freelancers and housewives. Its registered members have exceeded 50,000. Wakrak doesn’t need a resume or interview for matching.

Hikkoshizamurai.jp connects migrating families with movers and packers and provides relocation services. Through the partnership, on-demand labor will be provided to relocation companies to eliminate their workforce shortages.

Founded in 1997, AteAm Inc. also owns and operates a used-cars appraisal and trade-in site at NaviKuru.jp, a site for buying second-hand cars at RemoBii.jp, a property information portal at SumaiUru.com and a tech jobs site at Jobs.Qiita.com.

Other temp sites in Japan that cater to freeters are HatarActive.jpBaitoru.com, Baito.MyNavi.jp, Froma.comHatalike.jpWebAn.jpBaitalk.jpJukunavi.comHanbai.inWorkgate.co.jpFoodsWho.co.jpSftWorks.jp, and E-Aidem.com. Freeter is a Japanese nomenclature for people who choose not to work a full-time job.

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