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Japanese real estate site operator Landnet Inc. has introduced an I-Buyer business model to complete property sale contracts and payments in as little as one day. 

The business model is becoming commonplace in the U.S. with OpendoorOfferPad, and Zillow all using technology for in-house purchases. In Japan, Hayagai.com introduced a property buying service in January. It promised to complete sales in three days.

Property majors Suumo.jpHomes.co.jpAthome.co.jpRealEstate.co.jp, and Nomu.com haven’t entered the recommerce market, but they are increasingly using technologies in property transactions.

I-Buyer Landnet One currently has limitations related to properties, quantities, and conditions, but its scope will expand in the future.

Established in 1999, Tokyo-based Landnet Inc. owns and operates a crowdfunding site at Funding.Landnet.co.jp to facilitate investment in the real estate sector. It also owns a real estate recommerce site at DirectOneRoom and an investment property search engine at Landnet.co.jp/Invest. The company attracts global investment in Japanese properties at Landnet-Global.com.