Recruitment services provider Grupa Pracuj and its partners launched a corporate innovation fund called Pracuj Ventures to invest in HR and education-related start-ups. The company has just invested in the time management software provider Kadromierz.

Kadromierz’s software optimizes the process of work time planning. It registers and records time spent working using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its main customers are from the food and services, trade and production industries, but it also works well in other sectors. The software is now used by more than 300 clients.

“We already believed in Kadromierz more than a year ago when we invested in the project as business angels,” Grupa Pracuj and Pracuj Ventures co-founder Paweł Leks said in a news statement. “The current round increases our total capital commitment to a value close to PLN 2 million ($522,224 U.S.).”

The fund is also managed by Maciej Noga (LinkedIn profile), another of the Grupa Pracuj co-founders. Funds available to the fund come from Grupa Pracuj, some of its shareholders and managing partners of Pracuj Ventures.

The investment firm plans to invest between PLN 500,000  and PLN 2 million in 10 to 12 innovative HR-tech and edu-tech enterprises over the next three years. The fund operates independently from Grupa Pracuj but the companies it invests in may become part of the group.

Grupa Pracuj operates — the most popular job site in Poland. It also owns the applicant tracking system eRecruiter, programming school Coders Lab, leading Ukrainian recruitment platform and Emplo, a platform to support communication and HR processes.

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