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Global staffing giant Recruit Holdings reported a 14.9 percent increase in profit to ¥174.2 billion ($1.6 billion U.S.) for FY2018. The group’s revenue rose 6.3 percent to ¥2.3 trillion ($20.9 billion U.S.).

The fastest growth came from the company’s HR Technology segment made up of jobs sites Indeed.com and GlassDoor. The segment’s annual revenue increased 49.6 percent to ¥326.9 billion.

In the Jan.-Mar. quarter, the group’s profit surged 22.4 percent year-on-year to ¥28.2 billion. Total quarterly revenue was ¥580.3 billion in Q4 2018 — up 4.3 percent over the corresponding period a year earlier.

The HR Technology segment’s Q4 revenue rose 45.4 percent year-on-year to ¥90 billion. EBITDA climbed 55 percent to ¥47.4 billion. Q4 EBITDA increased 44.1 percent to ¥10.5 billion thanks to increased job advertising revenue from new and existing enterprise clients.

Recruit’s Housing and Real Estate segment includes property vertical Suumo.jp. Annual revenue for this division increased 6.1 percent to ¥104.1 billion while Q4 revenue increased 13.5 percent to ¥28.1 billion. This was due to a growing number of individual users and enterprise clients.

Advertising revenue from the group’s multiple jobs sites — including Rikunabi Next and TownWork.net — increased 4.9 percent to ¥283.9 billion in FY2018. Quarterly revenue rose 1.8 percent to ¥78.2 billion. Both sites focused on enhancing their brand value, strengthening user attractiveness, and reinforcing sales structures amid the extremely tight labor market.

Recruit Holdings was founded in 1960 and owns and operates at least 18 recruitment, auto, and real estate sites, along with dozens of staffing companies worldwide.