The French c-to-c used-auto site Reezocar has rolled out an option to have a car reviewed by experts before a purchase transaction is completed.

Once a vehicle is chosen, the site contacts the seller and ensures the compliance of the vehicle. A designated expert compiles a report. No fewer than 130 control points are checked, including the condition of tires, the engine and the cabin interior.

The expert team is multilingual to deal with vehicles arriving from Germany, Spain or Italy.

Launched in 2014, Reezocar is a start-up that’s made significant strides in Europe. Its audience has increased to one million visits per month from half a million two years ago. It also expanded to the Netherlands and Belgium in 2016. The site claims to have 8.5 million listings.

Societe Generale‘s CGI Finance bought a minority stake in Reezocar in 2018, for an unspecified amount.

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