Southeast Asia’s leading online marketplace Shopee has announced the launch of Shopee Live, a live streaming feature, in Malaysia. The new feature serves to draw shoppers closer to their favorite brands and retailers, reversing the traditional product-purchase model in which shoppers visit e-commerce platforms to purchase products.

This new live streaming feature delivers live-streaming videos, including product guides, reviews, and demonstrations by popular local influencers, engaging users throughout the entire shopping journey.

Shopee claims the new feature has been a huge success to date. “Our current initiatives have been well-received and are fostering long-term engagement with our users,” Shopee Malaysia marketing lead Marianne Chuo said. “We introduced features like Shopee Live and Shopee Quiz to entertain users with richer new media content and as a result, we see that users are spending more time on Shopee as they tune in regularly to our live streams and quizzes that make online shopping more interactive.”

Founded by Sea Group in 2015, Singapore-based Shopee started off as a c-to-c marketplace. It has since evolved into a c-to-c and b-to-c (Shopee Mall) hybrid model. The company has expanded into the Greater Southeast Asia region and even Taiwan over the last four years.

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