A new horizontal Pricelesso.pl has launched in Poland to challenge the market leader: Naspers-backed OLX.pl.

The new site hopes to stand out from its competitors with its dynamic matching through email notifications and packages. It lets sellers combine products into packages which they can sell at special prices. Buyers can also choose several products from a specific seller, mark them as a package and propose a price.

Listings on the site are free, for now. Pricelesso makes its money by offering promoted listings and display advertising.

Poland’s classified market is pretty crowded and dominated by OLX.pl, followed by Sprzedajemy.pl, Gratka.pl, and Gumtree.pl.

According to SimilarWeb, OLX.pl saw 131.8 million visits in February. Sprzedajemy.pl counted 16.5 million visits and Gratka.pl had 7 million while Gumtree.pl saw 5.4 million visits during the same period.

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