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In a market like the U.S., how do you choose between the many different job sites you can choose to post your company’s recruitment listings?

Roberto Angulo, the chief executive of Recruitology, believes his cloud-based platform has the answer.

Recruitology CEO Roberto Angulo at the Global Online Marketplaces Summit in Miami

“We help employers find the right candidates for their jobs using artificial intelligence,” Angulo said at the Global Online Marketplaces Summit in Miami.

“There’s very low unemployment, but there are lots of job sites out there. The issue is, if you’re an employer, you might not know where to post.

“If you’re looking at 100 job sites, that can become very daunting. We automatically figure out where the job ad’s going to go — we’re basically taking the pain out of where to post your job ads.”

Recruitology uses machine learning to determine the correct job site to post employers’ job listings based on the data contained in the job ad and data it’s already gathered over the six years it’s been in business.

The site delivers 263 clicks on average per job, compared to the average job site that delivers around 20 clicks.

It also created an applicant tracking system, which it offers to employers for free, “to make sure we’re giving good jobs to employers,” Angulo said.

“But now we want to know more — we want to know that we’re delivering high-quality hires, how long that candidate is staying in the job. That’s in the next phase of Recruitology.”