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Two marketplaces aiming to solve issues affecting the job and real estate markets in Latin America were among the five contenders at the Global Online Marketplaces Summit in Miami’s “Pitch Club” segment.

Jessica Lynn, the CEO of gig site TodoBusco, wants to solve the problem of unemployment and underemployment in Latin America.

KZAS Brazil founder and CEO Roberto Nacimento at the Global Online Marketplaces Summit in Miami

“These are key issues affecting emerging markets, especially in Latin America,” she said. “There’s a lot of uncertainty — people don’t have jobs, but these people are still customers. They still need a house or a car.”

That’s the market TodoBusco is targeting with its site that matches jobs to candidates.

KZAS, a Brazil-based real estate site focused on the buyer, uses matching algorithms and AI to recommend properties to buyers.

It aims to reduce the pain points associated with buying a home in Brazil, which typically takes 45 to 121 days through an agent.

KZAS, which was founded by Grupo Zap founder Roberto Nacimento, eliminates the broker and reduces the house-hunt down to 5 to 30 days.

Buyers enter the details about the type of property they want and enter all of their financial information. The site recommends properties to the buyer based on this information.

KZAS won the Pitch Club trophy for the business with the most potential.